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Stock Photography You Can Build a Brand With

As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you have seen all the cheesy stock photography you will ever want to see.  Much of the imagery on small business websites, print collateral and video are poor representations of the businesses and the services they offer.  There just seems to be nothing “real” about much of the stock photography…

Why Sustainable Scalability?

I see daily discussions regarding scalable business models.  A reoccurring point I see when the discussion of scalable business comes up is the immediacy of growth. I understand that growth is necessary, but there is one issue that seems to be missing from the scalability conversation – sustainability.  It is important to remember that unadulterated…

The Brand Equity Formula

It has been an interesting occurrence of late that many smaller business and entrepreneurial clients and colleagues have asked me what it means to develop a brand and brand equity in today’s shifting technological and online social world.

Failure is an option

I fail everyday. I fail to keep my cool and composure. I fail to stop and see the big picture. I fail to stop failing. I’ve heard it said “failure is not an option,” “failure is for the weak,” “only the strong succeed,” etc. 

Your Non-Profit IS a Business

We have worked with numerous non-profits over the years.  One issue we see that the majority have in common is that they don’t operate like a business. Many times, the founders of the non-profit are what we call ‘technicians,’ folks with a fantastic skill set in a particular field; but, are not always business savvy.…

Knowledge, don’t be afraid to share it

When looking to expand your business in a local market, your company’s knowledge is one of your brand’s best weapons.

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