Our Team


How do you measure success?  Is it the money?  Is it the freedom?  Is it the time saved?  We measure the success of our business based on the success of our Clients through their marketing campaigns.

With our partnership approach to every aspect of the marketing services we perform, we work hand-in-hand with our Clients to ensure that each and every message reaches the goal(s) they are meant to obtain.  Whether we are utilizing video, web, print or social media, the end goal is always in mind.

A creative marketing team is more than spiky hair, tattoos and hip clothing.  A creative team is one that understands that creativity can only be perfected through the marriage of creative ideas and strong business concepts.   A creative team is nothing without results.  Whether those results are compliments by your customers on the production of a professional video or increased sales based on greater web presence, creativity is only one part of the entire marketing process.

Success can also be measured based on the level of support available to a business.  In order for our Clients to be wildly successful, we know that a support team must consistently deliver personalized positive interactions, timely and consistent results along with a constant flow of fresh ideas.  The unparalleled support of our in-house and supporting team of partners is what sets us apart from those companies that see the completion of a project as finality.

If you are looking for a marketing partner that offers exceptional value, the highest work ethic and personalized attention, look no further than Xpleo Media for your complete marketing solution.

Our Scottsdale Marketing Team

Paul Manley Xpleo Media Videographer, Scottsdale and PhoenixPaul Manley – Videographer

Paul Manley was born and raised in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. At a early age, acting and movie making engulfed his life. Before owning his first video camera at the age of 10, he was already directing his brother and cousins in home movies and short skits. When he’s not increasing his knowledge in video editing, production and graphic design, Paul releases his inner creativity through sound engineering and studio drumming. Paul’s favorite bands include “Radiohead” and “This Will Destroy You.”  He strives to intertwine audio and video in order to stun the viewer and force them to feel.

When not in the office, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife, Jessica, and son, Ezra.

Ryan Parker Xpleo Media Marketing Creative Director, Scottsdale and PhoenixRyan Parker –
Creative Director

Ryan Parker is the Creative Director for Xpleo Media. Ryan is responsible for management of Xpleo Media’s creative projects. When Ryan is not nose deep into web design projects, graphic design projects, or video production for Xpleo Media, he can be found hiking with his wife and daughter, cooking, playing the guitar or playing basketball.

Ryan lives by the motto: “Live with Character – Always do the right thing whether people are watching or not.”

Dave Cruz Xpleo Media Photography, Scottsdale and PhoenixDave Cruz – Photographer

Whether Dave is working solo or on teams, he enjoys creating photography that demands remarkable judgment, not to mention organization. Maintaining high standards while meeting deadlines for high volume fast-paced business is no easy feat. Under his leadership, not only have high standards been upheld, they have been exceeded and honored with national awards for excellence.

When not behind the camera, Dave enjoys spending time with his son, Hunter.

Justin Gutkowski Xpleo Media Scottsdale Marketing Research and Website Design, Scottsdale and PhoenixJustin Gutkowski –

Justin Gutkowski is the Research and Creative Assistance at Xpleo Media. Being a Business Management major at ASU with an interest in sports and entertainment marketing, he is learning the ropes of a small business first hand at Xpleo Media. His goal is to eventually own his own business within the sports and entertainment industry and share his love of music and sports with everyone. As an avid musician, when he is not being influenced by his favorite bands, The Beatles and Red Hot Chili Peppers, he can be found any given night playing his guitar.